William Wright. Curator


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1937 - 2014.                           Born:  Sydney Australia,

1937 - 1959                            Sydney Australia

1954 - 1958                             Attended National Art School, Sydney, Diploma in Painting (A.S.T.C.)

1959 – 1960                            Florence

1959 – 1960                            Florence, Italy. Attended the Accademia di Belle Arti with part time study of            

                                               Restoration at the Museo del Accademia

1960 - 1976                             London, United Kingdom

1961                                        Attended Central School of Art and Design (printmaking, lithography)

1964                                        Attended Goldsmiths College, London (printmaking, relief etching)

1965                                        First Solo exhibition, Traverse Gallery, Edinburgh

1965 - 1968                             Exhibited in Edinburgh, London, Warsaw, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.

1967                                        Solo exhibition Komon Gallery, Sydney

                                                Solo exhibition Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

1970 - 1976                             Head, Department of Painting, Winchester School of Art. U K.

1976 - 1981                             New York, Unites States of America

1976 - 1979                             Associate Dean (Programme Director) New York Studio School.

1979 -1980                              Acting Dean, State University of New York at Purchase.

1981 - 2014                             Sydney, Australia

1980 - 1982                             Artistic Director, Vision in Disbelief 4th Biennale of Sydney.

 1982 - 1991                             Assistant Director Professional Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1992                                        Lecturer/coordinator, Post Graduate Museum and Gallery Management

                                                University of New South Wales

1982 - 1997                             Member, Board of Directors, Biennale of Sydney

1991 - 2002                             Curatorial Director, Sherman Galleries.

2002                                       Awarded the Australia Council Emeritus Medal

                                                 for services to art, art education, curatorship and artists.

2002 - 2005                           Director, Sherman Galleries 

2003                                        Appointed AM, Member of the Order of Australia                           

2003 - 2008                            President, Australian Chapter, AICA (International Association of Art Critics)

2004 - 2014                             Director, William Wright Consulting

2005 - 2008                            Member, Board of Directors, NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts)

2006 - 2010                            Sherman Foundation Fellow in Contemporary Art

                                                 Department of Art History and Theory, University of Sydney

2009 - 2014                            Tutor (painting), National Art School

2010                                        Appointed Fellow, National Art School

2010 - 2014                            Director, William Wright • Artists Projects




Solo Exhibitions:

 1965    Traverse Gallery, Edinburgh

1966    Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

 1967    Rudy Komon Gallery, Sydney

             Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

             North Adelaide Gallery, Adelaide

             Edinburgh College of Art, 1967 Edinburgh Festival

             British Architectural Association, London

1968    Essex University Gallery, Essex

             Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

 Continued studio practice but ceased actively exhibiting in 1968

 2008   Triptych (3 solo exhibitions) Galerie Dusseldorf, Perth

 2014    Eclipse, Drawing Room Gallery, Kings Cross, Sydney

2014     This is not an Exhibition, William Wright • Artist Projects, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions:    

  1966   Richard Demarco Gallery Inaugural Exhibition,

              Contemporary British Artists, Edinburgh Festival.

             Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

             Australian Artists, South London Gallery, London

             Gallery Artists, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh

 1967    Contemporary British Painting, Gallery of the Union

             of Polish Artists, Warsaw

1968    Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Richard Demarco                                                                                          

            Gallery, Edinburgh

1984    The 1960s, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1985    20th Anniversary Exhibition, Traverse Gallery,  Edinburgh                                                                                           

2008   Triptych. Dusseldorf Gallerie Perth.

2011    Triptych: Mais Mais Wright Wright

            Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra

2012    Tr. 3, WW/Artists' Projects, Sydney

2013   ORBIT: works on paper, Drawing Room, Sydney

2014   Returning to The Field, SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney

            DE COLORI, WW Artists Projects, Sydney

2015  The Triumph of Modernism in the Art of Australia, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Hazelhurst

           Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Victoria.

           Painting 1: ANGLE, EDGE, GRID. William Wright • Artists Projects, Sydney


 1965    Cordelia Oliver, The Guardian, March

             Sydney Goodsir-Smith, William Wright at the Traverse;

             Painter who loves world, The Scotsman, March

   1966   Edwin Mullins, The Sunday Telegraph,

              London, August 21st

              Cordelia Oliver, The Guardian, August

              Terence Mullaly, London Daily Telegraph, 26th August

              Cordelia Oliver, The Glasgow Herald, 24th August

             Anne Matheson, Sunday Telegraph, Sydney 17th April

1967    Elwyn Lynn, William Wright at Komon, The Bulletin,                                                                                    

            Sydney, March 4th

            Elwyn Lynn Art & Australia(DATE?)

            George Berger, The Jewish News, Sydney, March

            Wallace Thornton, Sydney Morning Herald, March

            Elwyn Lynn The Australian

            Alan McCulloch, Stimulus to use of one colour,

            The Melbourne Herald, Melbourne, April

            Art that’s different and worthwhile

            Melbourne Sun 18th April

            Patrick McCaughey, Gifts and Guesses

            The Age, Melbourne, 19th April

            Martin Collins, The Australian, 21st April

            Ronald Millar, The Australian, 29th April

            Elizabeth Young, Adelaide

            Guy Brett, The Times, London, August 25th

           Cordelia Oliver, Six One-Man Shows, The Guardian,                                                                            

            London, August 23rd

            John Russell, A Challenge Won, The Sunday Times,                                                    

             London, August,

1968     S L, A square view of squares,

             review, Essex University exhibition

2009    Douglas Sheerer, Many Hands: Mais Wright Work

             Australian Art Collector, Jan - Mar, p 87

2011    Michael Desmond, Triad, Cat Essay Triptych Exhibition

            Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra

            Sasha Grishin Talented Family has Broad Brush

            Canberra Times Weekend Review 15 Oct


             Art Gallery of New South Wales

             Stirling University, Perthshire, Scotland

             New England Regional Art Museum, New England

             Richard Demarco European Art Foundation Collection

             The University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland

             Australian National University, Canberra

             Tarra Warra Museum, Melbourne




Advanced Visual Arts Course, Beckenham Centre for Adult Education, London

Faculty Exchange programme between Winchester School of Art/Gloucestershire College of Art , UK and Alexander Mackie College/Prahran CAE, Australia.

Advanced technology, light and sound studio/programme and video programme, Winchester School of Art

Advanced Course for foreign students, Winchester School of Art.

Barnett Newman Scholarship, New York Studio School. A programme for foreign sculpture students, supported by Mrs Barnett Newman.

NYSS Scholarships for US students.

Peter Brown Memorial Scholarships for Australian students; co-supported by the Australia Council and the Board of Governors of the New York Studio School.

Kuwait Government Art Scholarship.

George Spaventa Memorial Scholarship for American Sculpture Students.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Gallery exhibitions Programme, NYSS.

Student Exchange NYSS and Slade School, London.

Arthur B Carles Scholarship for American painting students.

Student Exchange Programme, Parsons School of Design, US and Winchester School of Art, UK.

Establishment of Summer Programmes, New York Studio School, 1977,1978,1979.

Artist in Residence Programme, New York Studio School.

(John Hoyland, William Crozier and Patrick Heron)

Development/Fundraising Database (Foundation and Corporate sponsorship system)

State University of New York at Purchase.

National Visiting Lecturer Information Service, L.I.S.T. AGNSW 1983-1986

Mid-career artists exhibitions programme, AGNSW 1983-89

Artist in Residence Programme, AGNSW, 1988-89

Sherman Galleries Goodhope, 1992

Sherman-Wright Collections, 1992

Sherman-Wright Australian Art Index

(collaboration with Dr Gene Sherman with Access Economics 1992)




Recent British Painting

NYSS/GVW Gallery, New York,1978

 Recent Developments in Sculpture

NYSS/GCW Gallery, New York,1978

 The Drawn Image

NYSS/GVW Gallery, New York, 1979

Yugoslav Biennale in New York, 1980

(Co-selector and judge with Robert Rosenblum)

 Vision in Disbelief, Fourth Biennale of Sydney.

 Art Gallery of NSW, 1982

Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Ivan Dougherty Gallery,

 University of NSW; University of Technology; Cell Block

Theatre, National Art School; Roslyn Oxley Gallery;

Power Gallery, University of Sydney; 2JJJ Radio. Sydney

The British Show

(Co-curator Anthony Bond)

 Art Gallery of New South Wales; Art Gallery of Western                                                                     

Australia, Queensland Art Gallery; Royal Exhibition Building,                                                                  

Melbourne; National Gallery of New Zealand, 1984-85

 Australian Drawings, 3rd Triennale of Drawings,

 Nuremberg Triennale, Nuremberg, Germany, 1985

 A Resistant Spirit

Roslyn Oxley9,


Realities Melbourne,1996

Mayakovsky: 20 Years of Work.

 Art Gallery of New South Wales; Art Gallery of

 Western Australia; National Gallery of Victoria, 1987



Auckland City Art Gallery; Art Gallery of NSW;


Museum of Modern Art, Brisbane, 1988

(co-curators, Alexa Johnson and Francis Pound)

I.C.I. Touring Exhibition

Regional Galleries, Victoria and New South Wales, 1989-1990

On Paper

Sherman Galleries Goodhope, 1993

In Tandem

Sherman Galleries, Sydney, 1995

Flagging the Republic

Sherman Galleries and Australian Tour 1996-97

Windows on Australia I

Australian Embassy, Tokyo, 1995

Systems End: Contemporary Art in Australia

co-curator, Takeshi Kanazawa

Touring exhibition, Oxy Gallery, Osaka, Japan; 

Hakone Museum, Japan;                                           

Dong Ah Gallery, Seoul, Korea;

Kaohsiung Museum of Art,                                                                 

Kaohsiung,Taiwan, 1996-97  


Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney, 1997

Five Australian Artists

Tokyo International Art Festival, 1997

Australian Works on Paper

Za Moca Foundation, Tokyo, 1997

 Natural Drawings: the Drawings of Kenneth Martin

Sherman Galleries Hargrave, 1997

Anthony Galbraith Retrospective Exhibition

Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney, 1998

(Co-curators Felicity Fenner and Annette Larkin)


Sherman Galleries Goodhope, Sydney,1998

 and Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Melbourne

Anthony Pryor:

Selected works from the Pryor Estate, Sherman Galleries Goodhope and Hargrave, 1999

(Co-curator Joanna Capon)

Mike Parr, Imants Tillers, Bernhard Sachs, John Young

Orange Regional Art Gallery, Orange NSW. 1999

Imants Tillers, Paul Partos, Guan Wei

Art Chicago, 1999

The Rose Crossing

Sherman Galleries/SOCOG Australia to the World exhibition

Brisbane City Art Gallery,

Brisbane; Hong Kong Contemporary Art Centre,                            

Hong Kong; Singapore Art Museum, Singapore; 

S H Ervin Gallery, Sydney;

Campbelltown City Bicentennial Art Gallery 1999-2000         

John Young, Marion Borgelt, Hilarie Mais, Tim Storrier

ArtChicago 2002

 Bleak Epiphanies: an exhibition of small black things

Virginia Wilson ART, Sydney, 2005

Headlands: John Beard Works 1993-2007

 Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, 2009

Cold Tongue: language as art

Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, 2009

Selection of the Sherman Galleries Goodhope exhibitions programme, 1992 – 2002

Selection, planning and organisation of the William Wright Artist’s Projects exhibitions programme, 2011 - 2014

Origins 2011

William Wright Artist’s Projects, Sydney, 2011

Origins 2012

William Wright Artist’s Projects, Sydney, 2012

De Colori

William Wright Artist’s Projects, Sydney, 2014


1968                            Review, Goethe: Farbenlehre, Art and Artists, London  

                                    Review, Albers: Interaction of Colour , Art and Artists, London  

1972                            On the Theory of Light and the Interaction of Colours

                                    Winchester School of Art, UK

1978                            Recent British Painting, NYSS, New York

1979                            Yugoslav Biennale in New York, Cat. essay, New York

1982                            Vision in Disbelief, Cat. 4th Biennale of Sydney,

                                    Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1983                            Australian Perspecta, Review, Studio International, London

1984                            The British Show, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1985                            Internationale Triennale der Zeichnung, Nuremberg, Germany

                                    Introduction to the Australian component.

1986                            A Resistant Spirit, Catalogue

                                   Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney; Realities Gallery, Melbourne

1987                            Mayakovsky: 20 Years of Work,

                                   Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

                                    Colin Lanceley, Craftsman House monograph

1988                            Marion Borgelt, Mindscapes exhibition,

                                    Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1989                            ICI Touring Exhibition ICI, Melbourne

1996                            Systems End: Contemporary Art inAustralia

                                    Art and Australia publication

1997                            Natural Drawings, The drawings of Kenneth Martin,

                                    Sherman Galleries Hargrave, Sydney

1998                            Anthony Galbraith Retrospective, Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney

                                    (Cat. essay, co-author Felicity Fenner)

1999                            The Rose Crossing, Art & Australia publication

                                    Sherman Galleries/SOCOG Australia to the World exhibition

2003                            Elwyn Lynn: Metaphor and Texture, Review, Art & Australia, June

2004                            Tim Storrier at Yarras, interview, Art and Australia

2006                            A Matter of Light: the Paintings of David Serisier

                                    Liverpool Street Gallery, catalogue essay

2007                            Gregor Schneider, Art and Australia essay

                                    European Journey, Art Monthly Australia

2009                            Headlands: John Beard Works 1993 - 2007

                                    Drill Hall Gallery, Headlands catalogue, curator's essay

                                    John Beard: Recent Paintings, Art and Australia essay



                        Member, Academic Board, Winchester School of Art, 1970-1976

                        Chairman, Board of Studies, Winchester School of Art, Painting

                        Department, 1970-1976

                        Member, Board of Governors, NYSS, 1976-1979

                        Chairman, Board of Governors, NYSS, 1979

                        Member, Governors Selection Committee, NYSS, 1978-1979

                        Chairman of Faculty, New York Studio School, 1979

                        Chairman, Academic Board, State University of New York

                        Division of Visual Arts, 1979-1980

                        Member, Selection Panel, Yugoslav Biennale in New York, 1980

                        Member, Founding Management Committee, Artspace, Sydney,


                        Member, Board of Directors, Biennale of Sydney 1982-1997

                        Member, Selection Committee for the Director of the 1984 Biennale of Sydney

                        Member, Academic Advisory Committee, Nepean CEA/University of Western

                        Sydney. 1982-85

                        Member, Museum Studies Board, University of Sydney, 1982-1984

                        Member, Selection Committee for the Director of the Biennale of Sydney: 1986 and 1988

                        Member, Exhibitions Committee, Art Gallery of NSW, 1982-1991

                        Member, Acquisitions and Loans Committee, AGNSW, 1982-1991

                        Member, Paris Studios Committee, AGNSW 1982-1991

                        Chair, Internal Committees AGNSW: Conservation, Curatorial,

                        Public Programmes, Library, Registration; 1982-1991

                        Member, Steering Committee, Visual Arts Lobby (now the National       

                        Association for the Visual Arts, NAVA) 1983

                        Member, NSW Govt. Bicentennial Sculpture Committee 1988

                        Member, Selection Committee for the Director of the 1990 Biennale of Sydney

                        Member , Sydney/San Francisco Sister City Committee 1983-1986

                        Member, Advisory Committee, National Art School TAFE 1984-1989

                        Member, Finance Committee, AGNSW 1989-1991

                        Sponsor/Chair, AGNSW Collections Computerisation Programme

                        Member, Selection Committee for the Director of the 1992 Biennale of Sydney

                        Member, College Board, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney,1991-94

                        Member, Board of Governors, New South Wales Institute for the Arts, responsible   

                         for the implementation of the Dawkins Report recommendations, to amalgamate the  

                         Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney College of the Arts and City Art Institute    

                        with Sydney and New South Wales Universities 1988-1990

                        Member, Art Exhibition Committee - Regional Galleries Assoc. of NSW,1994-1995

                        Convenor, Save the National Art School Forum AGNSW, 1996

                        Chairman, Selection Committee for the Director of the 1998 Biennale of Sydney

                        Member, St Vincent’s Hospital Art Advisory Committee, 2001 - 2007

                        Member ACGA (NSW representative) 2002 -05

                        President AICA (International Association of Art Critics) 2003- 2008                                                 

                       Member AICA 2014           


                        Cardiff College of Art, Wales; 1966/73/74/75.

                        Hornsey College of Art, London; 1969/72/73.

                        Exeter School of Art, Exeter; 1971/72/73.

                        National Art School, Sydney; 1972/73.

                        Tasmanian CAE, Hobart; 1973.

                        Prahran CAE, Melbourne; 1973/79.

                        Gordon Institute, Geelong; 1973/74/76.

                        Gloucestershire College of Art,Cheltenham; 1974.

                        Birmingham Polytechnic, Birmingham; 1974.

                        Sydney University Art Workshop; 1974

                        Royal College of Art, London; 1974/75.

                        Alexander Mackie CAE, Sydney; 1975/76/79.

                        Fanshawe College , London, Ontario; 1977/78.

                        St.Martins School of Art, London; 1979/81.

                        Winchester School of Art, Winchester;1979/83/85/89.

                        Deakin University, Geelong; 1979/87.

                        Sydney College of the Arts; 1979/81/82.

                        Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne; 1979/81/86.

                        South Australian School of Art, Adelaide; 1979.

                        Canberra School of Art, 1979/81.

                        Haverford College, Philadelphia; 1978/79.

                        City Art Institute, Sydney; 1981/82/83/85/88.

                        Nepean CAE, Penrith; 1985/87.

                        National Gallery of New Zealand, Wellington; 1985.

                       University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts; 1989/90/92/93/01/04.

                        Art Gallery of NSW ; 1982-91.

                        University of NSW,College of Fine Arts; 1990/91/92/94/95.

                        National Art School, Sydney; 1997/2003 - 2014

                        The Museum of Sydney, 2003

                        External Examiner, MA, City Art Institute, 1986/87

                        External Examiner, BA, Deakin University, 1987

                        External Examiner, BA, Nepean CAE, 1988  

                        Moderator, MA Arts Administration, University of NSW

                        College of Fine Arts, 2000

                        Moderator, MA, Deakin University, 1993

                        External Examiner, MA, University of Western Sydney. 1996/97/98/00/01,/02

                        External Examiner, MA, University of NSW, College of Fine Arts


                        External Examiner, MA, University of Sydney, Sydney College of the Arts


                        External Examiner BA, The University of Newcastle, Ourimba, 2002/03/04/05

                        External Examiner, PhD, The University of Newcastle, 2003/04

                        External Examiner, PhD, COFA, University of NSW, 2003

                        External Examiner, PhD, Sydney College of the Arts, U. Syd. 2003/04

                        External Examiner, MA, National Art School, 2009/10

                        External Examiner, BA, National Art School, 2010

                        External Adviser MA, National Art School, 2012/14



1982 – 1991    Special acquisitions, Modern and Contemporary art,

                        Art Gallery of New South Wales

1988-1989       Co-Curator (with Robert Lindsay) of the

                        ICI Contemporary Art Collection, Melbourne.

1993                Advisor to MEPC Contemporary Art Collection, Sydney

1992- 1997      Co-curator, MECENAT Contemporary Australian Art Collection